Last year our article New Zealand’s criminal justice system fails New Zealanders, shared a few of the many concerning statistics reported by Hāpaitia
The number of cases of COVID-19 virus in the world’s wealthier places like Europe and USA seem to be higher than in the poorer ones like Africa, or ev, Incidence ranges from 500 to five cases per million people The incidence of cases per million people in the main continents are very different. The, The incidence rate in New Zealand last Thursday was 60 cases per million people, Incidence currently related to average wealth in each continent The easiest way to express the answer to that is with a chart of incidence rates ag, covid scatter_0.png, Covid-19 Case incidence highest in wealthy continents, The general situation seems to be that the incidence is currently higher on the wealthier continents. The high early number of cases in Asia seems , New Zealand has relatively low COVID-19 incidence The chart indicates that New Zealand’s average wealth is greater than that in East Europe and in , It is promising that New Zealand to date appears to have contained the spread relatively well, What are some of the indications from this picture? The fact that COVID-19 incidence is currently higher in wealthier countries may be because havi, Controlling the spread to, and within poorer countries may be critical over the next few weeks, In the early weeks of the outbreak international travel was the main means of spread. Since then community transmission has become dominant in many pa
There is no going back to normal, COVID-19 will have an unprecedented impact on our world. Although the full impact has yet to be determined, it will , It is going to be a bumpy ride, but with exports being dominated by food, demand will remain, provided we can get our products on the boat, In other industries, exports are expected to continue, though initial supply chain disruptions are likely. New Zealand is also moving into peak season

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Shifting logs from road to rail found reductions in costs to the environment, the forests and the communities of about one half.


Economics should not be seen as finance and business - but could it be seen as kaitiakitanga o taonga?