New Zealand has recorded its largest ever quarterly decline in GDP of 12.2 percent pushing us into a recession.

As the fallout from COVID-19 increases, stock markets have had their best six months ever. Why has this happened?

Unemployment low, stock market at all-time high, what happened to the recession?

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Wellington City Mission's Whakamaru given $10 million shovel-ready grant.


BERL, The Helen Clark Foundation, and WSP online panel discussion on how good public policy can create the conditions for social connection to thrive.

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As part of BERL’s pro-bono mahi, we are taking a deeper look at how the kaupapa of organisations may be more explicitly communicated and understood.


“Prime Minister, if avoided deaths are expected to number less than 10,000, then it would be best to hold off on the lockdown and avoid a draconian loss of GDP.”