New Zealand’s two-way trade with the Pacific Islands Forum reached close to $4 billion by March 2024. At its core, this is built on people-to-people interactions. 

Finally, the first numbers from the 2023 Census have been released. We have close to five million people, and have an older but more ethnically diverse population.

A no-surprises first budget for the coalition government sees two thirds of new funding for budget 2024 going to education, health, and law and order.

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Our latest mahi


A report for the Consumer Advocacy Council addresses the role of the Electricity Authority in setting prices, and discusses how new technology could reduce costs.


Museums and galleries play a significant role in our local and national economies, contributing to tourism, gross domestic product and curriculum-focused education.

Our latest pro bono


A series that shares the common themes that were discussed at our green pro bono focus groups.


Our final article in our pro-bono series on kaupapa, accountability, and value takes a look back.