Meet the team

BERL has a team of focused, talented specialists to suit your needs and help you meet your objectives. The first thing we do is talk with you about your project to make sure we are clear on what we want from each other. Then we will agree a plan of study to thoroughly research, quantify, estimate, forecast, study, and assess the challenge and propose solutions. Throughout our process internal peer review will ensure accurate and intuitive outputs.

Ganesh is Research Director of BERL. He joined BERL fulltime in 1998 as a Senior Economist and became Chief Economist in 2010, before moving to the Research Director position in 2019.

Research Director
PhD (Economics)

Hillmarè has 25 years of experience in strategy, policy analysis and design as a macro-economist in New Zealand, the Pacific, the World Bank and Africa.

Chief Economist
BCom (Economics), MBL (Business)

Hugh joined the BERL team in 2010 as a research economist. Passionate about data and information, Hugh has excelled at building economic models, economic impact assessments, projections and scenarios.

Economist, Data Manager
PGDipBusAdmin (Economics), BBS (Economics), GradDipBS (Finance)

Mark has recently celebrated 40 years working as an economist. His experience has been gained in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Senior Economist
BA (Hons), MSc

Nadine joined BERL in 2016 as Executive Assistant, before being appointed Business Development Manager in 2018.

Business Development Manager
MBA - in progress

Konrad is passionate about economic thought and history. Where we've come from and the decisions that have been made before us have shaped the world into what it is.  How we respond, with present ideas, is the challenge.

BCom (Hons) Economics

Sam is passionate about tackling New Zealand’s big challenges. There is more data available now than ever before, and using this to make the right decisions is critical for the long-term success of New Zealand.

Research Economist
MCom (Economics), BCom (Economics & Finance)

Kel has been with BERL for over 50 years, and still gets a kick out of delving into what drives the shape of the country, the use of resources like land and water, and how that affects peoples’ economic wellbeing.

MAgrSci (Hons) (AgEcon)

Amanda has skills and experience in both quantitative and qualitative research, including survey design, testing for reliability and validity within measurement tools, statistical analysis, interviewing, and theme analysis.

Senior Researcher
PGDipHealSci, MPhil (First Class Honours)

Nick is an experienced economist having worked on a range of economic projects across the public and private sector in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Senior Economist
BMS (Economics), LLB

Hannah joined BERL in 2019 as a Research Economist.  Hannah shares BERL’s passion for researching global and domestic issues to understand the impact on people and the planet.

Research Economist
LLB, BCom (Finance)