April 30, 2020
Nadine Bowen

The rainy day budget

2019 was the Wellbeing Budget, although the narrative continued to stress the fiscally prudent credentials of this administration. The need to save for a rainy day remained strongly ingrained in the psyche of officials, Ministers, and indeed, legislation.

Now that the rainy day has inarguably arrived, can this Government shed its priority fiscal prudence cloak. If so, which of the other dimensions of wellbeing will be prioritised?

What will be in Budget 2020 to be announced on 14 May?

  • Will the wage subsidy be extended?
  • Will the social security safety net be strengthened?
  • Can the business support package be supercharged?
  • When will the shovel-ready projects start shovelling?
  • Will local government be called on to contribute?
  • And, what of helicopter money?

Join BERL Research Director Dr Ganesh Nana and colleagues for a pre-Budget briefing and kōrero on what to expect in The Rainy Day Budget, and what might be left out.

By Zoom: Tuesday 12 May, 10:00am.  Attendance by registration only. To register email info@berl.co.nz