Our partnerships
Our kete are people, te ōhanga Māori and development.

Aligned with our work across our three kete, BERL are pleased to partner with the Wellington City Mission, Federation of Māori Authorities, and the Society of Local Government Managers. 

We are proud to support their work by providing economic research and insights. 

Wellington City Mission

BERL is developing a support relationship with the Wellington City Mission. The people that the Mission works with are amongst those that – for a variety of reasons – have missed out on the prosperity promised by textbook economics. We take seriously our kaupapa about people and, as such, we are proud to support the mahi of the Wellington City Mission.

Federation of Māori Authorities

BERL has had a close and mutually beneficial relationship with FOMA since the establishment of FOMA 31 years ago. We work with and for many Māori organisations, enterprises, iwi, trusts, and incorporations.

BERL is a respected partner and the preferred provider to FOMA of economic and policy advice.

FOMA is a respected partner and the preferred provider to BERL assisting in te ao Māori and te ōhanga Māori space.

Where appropriate BERL and FOMA operate joint project teams utilising the strengths, skills, capacities and capabilities of both organisations.

Society of Local Government Managers

BERL has a long-term sponsorship relationship with SOLGM, supporting the work of District, City, Regional and Unitary councils around the country. We are keen promoters of the SOLGM Annual Excellence Awards and have published the BERL-SOLGM Local Government Cost Index Adjustors annually since 2004.

This relationship is being pushed to the next level as from 2019 BERL will be recognised as a Principal Sponsor of SOLGM.