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November 06, 2019
Nadine Bowen

Special announcement

Hillmaré Schulze appointed Chief Economist

As part of the ongoing refresh of Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL), as a research-led consultancy, Hillmaré Schulze has been appointed to the position of Chief Economist.  At the same time, current Chief Economist Dr Ganesh Nana will move to take up the newly created position of Research Director.

Hillmaré has been with BERL for more than seven years, with four of those as Deputy Chief Economist.  In her new role, Hillmaré will lead the commercial arm of BERL – ensuring the delivery of robust, quality advice, information, guidance and reports to clients and stakeholders.  With considerable expertise in policy advice and strategy development both here and abroad, along with a portfolio of Māori organisations and enterprises seeking her advice, Hillmaré is committed to continue broadening, developing and improving our offering to clients and stakeholders.

Hillmaré will work to further build the strengths of our work across the three kete – people, te Ōhanga Māori, and development.  Recent and continuing projects in the wellbeing, future of work, housing, evaluation, and project appraisal arenas reflect our growing emphasis on being a research-led consultancy.

From his new position of Research Director, Ganesh will focus on further strengthening BERL’s research arm.  Tackling the many challenges facing Aotearoa and its people – embedded inequality, poverty, homelessness, climate change, and a business model that has delivered neither quality jobs, nor improved wellbeing – is front and centre for the BERL-funded research effort.  Within the scope of the Research Director will be further collaborative studies with partners and stakeholders, as well as deepening BERL’s relationships with its partners.

Dr Ganesh Nana, Hillmaré Schulze, Kel Sanderson

BERL looks forward to further enhancing our relationships as preferred provider of economic advice to Federation of Māori Authorities (FOMA) and as principal sponsor of the Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM).  Additionally, our engagements, partnerships, and work with the Wellington City Mission, Tāwhiri, Taranaki Arts Festival Trust, and the Helen Clark Foundation reflect our foundation value of economics being about people.

BERL remains a private New Zealand-owned company and a proud Accredited Living Wage employer, with Hillmaré Schulze, Dr Ganesh Nana, and BERL kaumatua Kel Sanderson as its shareholder owners.