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September 08, 2020

Recreational cannabis regulation and harm reduction

BERL advice to the Ministry of Justice

In early 2019, BERL was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice to support the development of an evidence base to inform the proposed regulations for a legal market for recreational cannabis in New Zealand.

We produced two supporting documents. In the first document we shared the results of BERL modelling to construct an estimate of the New Zealand illicit market, and the current extent of harms or benefits associated with cannabis use in New Zealand. Once this was understood, it was possible to test various proposed policy settings, such as pricing, to evaluate how they might interact to affect the levels of use and associated harms expected to result.

In the second document we shared the results of BERL modelling of a legal market in New Zealand, including structure, production, processing, retail and the associated policy recommendations to regulate a legal recreational cannabis market.

Market structure for recreational cannabis and Evidence to inform a regulated cannabis market. 

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