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June 29, 2020
Te Ōhanga Māori

Māori economy 2020

Beyond the magic $42 billion Māori asset base

We tend to talk about the size of the Māori economy, the $42 billion asset base (that has reputedly grown into $50 billion over time) and not so much about how the Māori economy is structured, how it contributes to value add (GDP) and how it has grown and changed. 

BERL has partnered with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) to update the Māori economy 2013 report.  Over the past 15 years, significant research, information and effort has gone into establishing the concept and context of the Māori economy within New Zealand. This effort has included understanding the composition and contribution of the Māori economy. Consequently, the Māori economy is a widely used concept and accepted in government and the business sector. Needless to add the Māori economy is a well-integrated, and growing, component of the New Zealand economy.

In 2012, BERL completed the Asset Base, Income, Expenditure and GDP of the 2010 Māori Economy report. This report estimated the size of the Māori economy and illustrated the relationships between the Māori economy and the wider New Zealand economy. In 2015, BERL updated and expanded the report and published the Māori Economy Report 2013. This report presented an updated overview of the Māori economy from statistical information that was provided from a number of sources but primarily from the Census in 2013. It also provided further valuable information and findings about the economic landscape of the Māori economy. This work has been the foundation for the Māori economy data and information, and is widely used throughout government and Māori entities.

Shift away from the obsessive focus on only the Māori asset base

While previous studies have focussed on traditional measures of economic contributions (GDP and asset values), this update will consider broader perspectives of economic outcomes including wellbeing as well as a regional breakdown. The aim is to have an updated report by the end of this year.

Please contact Nadine Bowen, Business Development Manager, if you would like further information.