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July 04, 2023

Better Banking

Creating ease of banking in the not-for-profit sector

BERL Associate, Dr Jane Horan, collaborated with Community Networks Aotearoa on first-of-its-kind research shedding light on the frustrating obstacles that most small to mid-sized not-for-profit organisations in Aotearoa New Zealand face with banks. The research explores what can be done to create a banking system that’s easier, more accessible, and allows community organisations to focus less on banking and more on their mahi.

The research is based on the results of a sector-wide online survey, as well as in-depth interviews with representatives from a diverse range of community organisations in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Key objectives of this research initiative included:

  • Identifying the key challenges faced by community organisations when dealing with banks
  • Assessing the impact of these challenges
  • Collaborating with banks, financial institutions, organisations, and government officials to explore potential strategies for improving banking services and addressing the specific needs of community organisations.

“As a representative and advocate for the community sector, we’ve been hearing about these challenges time and time again. This research is an extremely important milestone towards bringing about positive change in the banking experiences of not-for-profit organisations,” said Ros Rice, Executive Officer for Community Networks Aotearoa.

“By collaborating with the banking sector, we can identify innovative solutions that will enable community organisations to focus on their core missions and maximise their impact on the communities they serve.”

Read the Better Banking report.