April 17, 2020
Dr Ganesh Nana (Former Research Director)

Post-COVID-19 economy – changes and challenges

Some commentary

It is very difficult to understate the importance of the COVID-19 outbreak in shaping the short-term and long-term behaviour of individuals, families, whānau, organisations, businesses, and governments.  The challenge of focussing business models to better deliver desirable outcomes, the realisation that automatic market adjustments have not (and will not) deliver palatable outcomes, alongside the scenario of far more active government involvement in economic activity, are together set to shape the narrative of the coming decade, if not the coming generation.

Links to a selection of recent kōrero with Dr Ganesh Nana, covering some of these and related topics follow.

EDNZ COVID-19 related webinars

Part of a series of COVID-19 related free one hour webinars for practitioners across New Zealand. Ganesh's webinar is titled "Wither the invisible hand"

Watch it here

New Zealand Public Television Limited

What has happened to our economy? What will the post- pandemic economy be like for the world and particularly for us here in New Zealand? With Bryan Bruce at New Zealand Public Television Limited.


Knowledge Indigenous Networks

Ganesh talks to the comment “Capitalism – Useless in any crisis” and then Dara gives us an Indigenous perspective on economies. Can we reshape a new economic future? With Dr Kiri Dell and Professor Dara Kelly and Knowledge Indigenous Networks.


Māori Television

An interview on Māori Television discussing the various support packages available and their relevance to Māori businesses and SMEs (small to medium enterprises).

Watch the video here



Kōrero with Radio New Zealand Business Editor Gyles Beckford on the critical role of government over the next few years.