Natalia Fareti

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Research Economist


  • Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (Economics & Commercial Law)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Administration (Economics)


As a Research Economist at BERL Natalia has been involved in projects including economic profiling for a number of districts, and economic impact analysis of minimum water flow scenarios.


Prior to joining BERL Natalia worked as a Research and Policy Analyst at Local Government New Zealand, representing the company on various cross-sector regulatory and working groups and advocating for local government on a broad array of issues including transport, food, and alcohol.   During her time there her work included helping to develop inaugural local government sector reputation research, desktop analysis of councils’ water performance measures, writing policy and communications content for all 78 councils, and project managing a review of local government funding.


With simultaneous practical business operation experience having helped manage the family food and catering business since her college years, she well understands the value of translating what can seem like a jumble of numbers into legible and practical information enabling clients to make informed decisions. 


An avid bookworm she enjoys tango and salsa dance lessons here and there, and the occasional kickboxing fitness session.