Hugh Dixon


Hugh joined BERL in 2010 after having spent seven years working for Statistics New Zealand as a senior analyst and project leader. In his time at Statistics New Zealand, Hugh worked on both economic and social statistics projects. Hugh’s interest is in the external trade sector, and he completed post-graduate study on the economic impacts of freer trade between New Zealand and South East Asia.

Hillmare Schulze


Hillmarè joined BERL in 2012 having spent five years working in the public sector with the Department of Labour and Te Puni Kōkiri. She has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and a Masters in Business Leadership from the University of South Africa Business School.

Fiona Stokes


Fiona joined BERL in 2007, having previously worked as an editor and researcher for Careers New Zealand. Her experience at Careers involved researching the labour market, as well as occupation and industry information for the Careers website and various publications. She worked extensively with employers, employees, ITOs, professional bodies and associations. Her interest in the labour market drew her to work for BERL.

Mark Cox


Since joining BERL in 2013, Mark has prepared economic profiles covering four regions and 16 cities and districts. He has worked on sector studies related to the film, property and tourism industries. And he has prepared economic impact assessments for a university-based scientific research centre, an arts festival, and a proposed film museum.

Robin Hapi


Robin has practical and operational skills in leading large commercial enterprises in the public and private sector. These skills have been gained after many successful years of experience as a Chief Executive of multi-million dollar enterprises involved in local, national and international economies.

Nadine Bowen

nadine thumb

Nadine has 20+ years of administrative experience and has worked in both the public and private sectors. Some of her previous Executive Assistant roles include working for the Deputy Director-General of Health, Ministry of Health, the Professor of General Practice, University of Cambridge, and privately owned SMEs in the Fitness and Motor Racing industries.

Konrad Hurren

konrad thumb

Konrad is a recent graduate with experience working in academia as a research assistant. He has worked on projects in the energy sector as well as television. He first joined BERL in 2016 after graduating. Konrad has a natural affinity to econometrics and his study in accounting gives him perspective on what a client actually needs from the numbers.

Julian Williams

julian profile

Julian has over twenty five years’ experience in finance, economics and public policy as adviser and analyst. For about 11 years, he led many programmes for policy and analysis, to develop our science and innovation system. Recent research and analysis in economics has covered many areas, including labour markets and particularly innovation policy.

Sam Green

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Sam joined the team at BERL in 2017 after spending six years working with the investigations team at Inland Revenue. Sam’s experience includes working with a wide range of clients from sole traders to large businesses to assist them in meeting their obligations. Sam’s work at BERL involves assisting clients in making sense of the numbers with regional profiles, economic impact assessments and economic models.