Dr Ganesh Nana


Executive Director, Chief Economist

  • PhD (Economics)


Ganesh is a first generation New Zealander, a one-eyed Wellington supporter, and a cricket purist. He began university with a plan to train as an accountant. That plan lasted less than one term because he stumbled upon economics. To his delight he discovered a subject tackling both numbers and people. From that stage he was hooked. Despite his passion for numbers, Ganesh believes economics is about people; their jobs, their incomes, their opportunities, and their futures. He strongly believes robust economic analysis is critical to ensure informed choices and policy decisions are made that have a positive effect on the lives and prospects of New Zealanders.


Ganesh is Chief Economist, having joined BERL fulltime in 1998 as a Senior Economist. He now has over 30 years of experience in the field of economics including business consulting, conference presentations, research, tutoring and lecturing in New Zealand and the UK.


At BERL he has worked on a wide range of projects, including development strategies; cost-benefit analyses; labour market projections; infrastructure assessments; and examining policy options. The imperative for New Zealand’s competitive export-oriented economy to be strengthened has been a common theme throughout most projects. Over the past few years Ganesh’s work has seen a focus on the Māori economy and incorporating this information into a nation-wide modelling framework. The growing importance of the Māori economy to the nation’s future economic prosperity can no longer be ignored.


Ganesh is an experienced conference speaker and is a regular commentator on the New Zealand economy for various media. He oversees production of BERL Birds Eye View, which assess the New Zealand economy’s outlook. Ganesh’s life outside work revolves around family. There is usually the daughter's ballet class and/or the son’s cricket team that requires either a taxi driver or an umpire/scorebook keeper. Ganesh also enjoys the odd run or bike ride around Wellington’s glorious harbour and south coast, as he trains for his next half-marathon and/or cycle challenge.