Wellington on a Plate

Wellington on a Plate

Tuesday August 14, 2012

BERL has a long relationship with Wellington on a Plate.  Well, at least as long as Wellington on a Plate has been around.  Wellington on a Plate is now in its third year so a little bit longer than that.


BERL was approached to develop an economic impact based on the business plan.  We were immediately excited and could see the potential for a food festival in Wellington.  How neatly it tied into the vision of Wellington as “the coolest little capital in the world”.  We were also encouraged by the broader outcomes the project would support, which included developing links between local suppliers and the restaurant industry and supporting the restaurant industry in a period of low activity.


The business case, developed by Grow Wellington and Positively Wellington Tourism was successful in raising stakeholder funding, and the event is now in its third year and getting bigger and better each time.  Success will be achieved when WOAP is recognised as an iconic event on the Wellington City calendar alongside the New Zealand International Arts Festival, WOW, and the Sevens.


In supporting the business case, BERL was so excited by the festival that we bought into it, sponsoring Burger Wellington for the third year running.  With over 60 burgers now vying to win the title of best burger in Wellington, the Festival has definitely made wellingtonians, including the BERL staffers, happy campers.





BERL also supports the Festival by supporting understanding around its benefit to the Wellington region.  We have been commissioned to again provide an Economic Impact Analysis of the Festival on the Wellington region economy.  Identifying the economic benefits of an event or investment at a regional level can be complex.  However, it is an area where BERL has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience.  We continue to believe that events aligned to the region’s strengths and areas of opportunity are a key part of any regional economic development strategy.  We are more than happy to work with you to identify how your event or project fits into your development portfolio and its contribution to the regional and/or national economy.