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Regional Insight: 2014 performance data for regions and local areas now available

Sunday November 09, 2014 Fiona Stokes

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Economic performance is important for all New Zealanders.  Better economic performance provides us with the opportunity to increase our standard of living through improvements in income, education, health, and the environment.

Higher living standards also positively impact on our social and cultural well-being.


The BERL Regional database provides one means of measuring the economic performance of regions and local areas.  Indicators include population, employment, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and the number of businesses.

Together, these key performance indicators provide a robust guide to how an area is faring, its strengths and its challenges.


The BERL Regional database is built from publicly available data from Statistics New Zealand including the NZ Business Demography statistics, the Household Labour Force Survey, the National Accounts, and the sub-national Population Estimates.

The data can be broken down into 506 industry groupings and is available from 2000, with the latest data covering the year to March 2014.


We use the evidence provided by this data and supporting analysis to support businesses, councils and economic development organisations throughout New Zealand.

The focus of much of this regional economic development work is in identifying changes in economic activity, and measuring the performance of regions.

The BERL Regional database also allows BERL to comparatively measure the economic performance of New Zealand’s 20 cities, 66 local authorities, and 14 regions.

This illustrates at a high-level how cities, local authorities, and regions compare relative to each other.  


  • Local authorities and regions can then use this data and information to monitor their performance relative to their peers, and identify areas of interest.

  • Businesses can use it to identify areas of growth and decline.

  • The Government can use the data and information to inform national economic policies, and identify where activity is occurring.


The data, information and commentary that we can provide you with would include the economic indicators discussed above as well as any comparison or benchmarking against other similar sized areas that you find most appropriate.

This data and information would be placed within the context of the macro-economic environment, with commentary on national and international influences.


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