Flat manufacturing sales volumes in the third quarter

Friday December 13, 2013 Fiona Stokes

In our previous commentary on manufacturing we noted that the first half of 2013 was looking positive for manufacturing.  Now the numbers are in for the third quarter of 2013, and we can see the impact that the warm, dry conditions at the beginning of the year has had on manufacturing sales volumes, and in turn the amount of New Zealand meat and dairy products on the international market.





Comparing the September 2013 quarter with the same period last year, manufacturing sales volumes in meat and dairy manufacturing were down 16 percent.  Other sectors that saw a drop included transport equipment, machinery and equipment manufacturing down over three percent, and paper manufacturing down one percent.  Year-on-year sales volumes for paper manufacturing were down almost 10 percent, while those for transport equipment, machinery and equipment manufacturing were down three percent.





The annual average change in the volume of dairy and meat exports rose less than one percent, while total manufacturing was at the same low level, as shown in the figure above.  At the other end of the scale, manufacturing sales volumes in textiles was up 11.5 percent while the non-metallic mineral product manufacturing sector saw growth in volumes of 8.7 percent.