Record number leaving for Australia

Thursday April 26, 2012 Hugh Dixon

New Zealanders permanently migrating to Australia has hit a new record high according to the March release of international travel and migration data from Statistics New Zealand.

In the year to March 2012, a record high of 53,200 people left New Zealand for Australia, looking for greener pastures. This is a 30 percent increase in annual departures to Australia.  This large increase was the main reason total overall departures from New Zealand increased 14.8 percent for the year to March 2012, to 87,800.  Over the last year, 60 percent of all departures left New Zealand and headed across the Tasman to Australia. It wasn’t all one way, with 13,700 Aussies moving to New Zealand. This resulted in a net loss to Australia of 39,500.
Despite the attractiveness of Australia, permanent arrivals in New Zealand were up 1.6 percent for the year to March 2012, to 84,400.  These increasing numbers of permanent arrivals in New Zealand have come from Asian and European migrants.
Overall, there has been a net loss of 3,400 people for the year to March 2012.  This is a change of almost 10,000 people from the net gain of 6,500 people for the previous year.  
The net loss in annual migration is skewed by the record net loss of 39,500 people to Australia. This has more than offset the net gain of 36,100 people coming to New Zealand from the rest of the world.
This massive net loss in people migrating to Australia is likely to continue.