Migration losses continue to accumulate

Friday July 20, 2012 Hugh Dixon


Statistics New Zealand data confirms another high in the number of New Zealanders permanently migrating to Australia.


In the year ending June 2012, 53,800 people left New Zealand for Australia.  This is up from the previous high of 53,500, recorded in the year to April 2012.   The new record also caused total departures from New Zealand in the June 2012 year increase 9.3% to 87,600.

Migration was not all one way though.  The year to June 2012 also saw 14,000 people move to New Zealand from Australia, 9,000 of which were New Zealanders moving back from Australia.  However, there was still a net loss of 39,800 to Australia.



Permanent arrivals to New Zealand were up 0.5 percent or 390 people, to 84,400.  The increasing numbers of permanent arrivals to New Zealand are dominated by migrants coming from Asia and Europe.  New Zealand gained the most new migrants from the United Kingdom, with 14,200 arriving in the latest year.


Overall, there has been a net loss of 3,200 people.  This is a significant change from the net gain of 3,900 people experienced in the previous June year.


For the year to June 2012, Auckland was the only region with a positive gain of 5,100 people in net migration.  The three regions with the largest net loss in overseas migration were Waikato with a loss of 2,100 people, the Bay of Plenty with a loss of 2,100 people, and Canterbury with a loss of 2,000 people.