Aoraki Polytechnic contributes to more than 700 jobs in South Canterbury

Wednesday November 14, 2012 Dr Ganesh Nana

BERL’s preliminary assessment of the impact of Aoraki Polytechnic on South Canterbury has just been released. 



In summary, Aoraki Polytechnic in 2011


•           directly employed the equivalent of 192 full-time staff, and a further 28 contractors

•           attracted 2,147 domestic students, and 28 international students

•           spent $13.5 million locally to operate the Polytechnic


Total expenditure by students and the Polytechnic operations totalled $51.8 million over the year.


Adjusting for out-of-region spending, and for multiplier effects, BERL estimate this generated


•           $47.4 million in GDP in South Canterbury

•           the equivalent of 702 full-time jobs


The assessment was undertaken for Aoraki Development Business and Tourism and the Timaru District Council.