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A Rule of Thumb for hiring a taxi from world airports

Thursday June 11, 2015 Kel Sanderson

A recent Dominion Post article on Wellington’s surplus taxis gave information on the cost of taxis from airports to CBDs in seventeen world cities.


The list looked a little daunting and it did look as though taxis in some cities are a lot cheaper per kilometre than others.  I thought I would test that so set them on a simple graph of taxi fare against the distance.


I found that the distance of the trip explained over 96% of the variation in the fares.


The Rule of Thumb if you are bargaining with the taxi driver is:  “I will pay you $NZ 6 to open the taxi door, and $NZ 3.20 per kilometre for the ride.”  You will need to do the currency conversion on your phone on arrival as your plane taxis in to the terminal!



taxi 1



taxi 2