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Building consents remain flat

Wednesday March 07, 2012 Fiona Stokes

January is usually a slow month in terms of residential building consents. 


This is reflected in the monthly total for January 2012 of 1,098 residential building consents issued, and the three monthly running total of 3,609 consents. However, if we look at the number of consents issued over the last three months and compare this figure with the same period last year, things look a little bit more positive with an eight percent increase.


The 12-month total for residential building consents for the year ending January 2012 was 13,945. This is 1,400 less consents than the 12-month total in January 2011. This means residential building consents in January 2012 were down nine percent compared with a year earlier. 


But it is not all bad news, as residential building consents in the Canterbury region are looking positive. The number of consents issued was up almost 35 percent in the three months to January 2012. Let’s hope this upward trend continues.


A quick peek at non-residential building consents reveals that the 12-month running total for non-residential building consents sat at 12,500 in January 2012. 

This means when we compare the last 12 months with the previous 12 month period, non-residential building consents were down seven percent. Looking at the various building categories, the biggest changes came from a 20 percent decline in the number of consents for “miscellaneous” buildings, a 17 percent decline in consents for education and storage buildings, and a 15 percent decline in factories and industrial buildings.