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Join the BERL team – career opportunities at BERL

We are always on the lookout for people who have a critical mind; who ask questions; who can reach conclusions based on a range of evidence, data, and information; and who can distil their findings into credible advice for clients.


Economics training and/or experience is always a plus. But we’re also after the capability to combine evidence (both quantitative and qualitative) into a narrative and then provide clear guidance as to what is next. We are after people who, after looking at a set of numbers, can answer the question: so, what?


Working at BERL means: making sense of the numbers.

In addition, working at BERL also provides you with the opportunity to participate in, contribute to, and take rewards from involvement in a truly independent iconic New Zealand SME business. Whether it’s searching for new clients, developing new products and services, or honing the skills of the team, there’s little room for those wanting to sit on the sidelines. But, there is ample room for those wanting to influence the development of a long-term business venture (and all that that encompasses).