About Us

About Us



Established by a group of practising economists in 1957, BERL remains a privately-owned New Zealand company.


BERL initially provided quarterly forecasts and assessments of the New Zealand economic situation. From these early days, BERL has developed to become the leading provider of a broad range of economic research, analysis, advice and consultancy for business enterprises, organisations, iwi, institutions, community groups, industry associations and public sector clients.


The difference with BERL is that we are all about people, their communities, and their potential.  Yes, we are economists, but our view of economics is broad and practical, not narrow and theoretical.  What’s more, we want our work to make a difference.


Our work will not always be headline grabbing, but it will add to the knowledge of the way your business, iwi, workforce, community, or industry works.  And we will use that knowledge to help improve your organisation. We inform your decisions by understanding your problems, collecting evidence and applying our economic insights.


Underlying it all, we have a commitment to the wellbeing of current and future generations. And that is why we don’t shy away from sometimes having to tell clients what they would prefer not to hear – all the time backed up with evidence.